God is Good! 

If you are reading this blog you know we believe in God. We believe in Miracles. Mike is a miracle, plain and simple. 

I’ve seen him at his lowest point the last couple of months. He hates it. It pains him to not be positive. It pains him to not be in control of the situation. However, this recurrence has brought, not only him, but us both, to our knees. Literally, crying, shouting and yelling at God. Not always negative, but definitely begging, for anything good. Something. Just give us HOPE! We can go miles on a little bit of good news. 

In Nov, just before Thanksgiving, we received a call from Dr. Chu. It was that “Ray” of hope. However, after all the bad news, can you trust the “good” news? Do we just pick which doctor’s news we like the best and forget the rest? Both hospitals are Nationally ranked for a reason. We just didn’t know what to do. We turned to friends, who turned to friends, who all turned to God. We turned to God–we could no longer control this situation. There was NOTHING we could do. Perhaps this is where God wanted him, us? To finally relinquish all control of this cancer to him. Sure, we always knew He was in control, we always trusted God, but did we ever really give it to him. Fully give it to Him? This time we did, on our knees, daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes for hours, we gave it to Him. HOPE, just a little something God. Little things throughout the last couple of months have popped up that gave us hope, but we still had that nagging bad news in our minds. 

Well, as usual, God’s timing is perfect timing. Still fearful of the worst, despite “good” news from Dr Chu both times we spoke to him, we went through surgery. You’ve all read the previous blogs (if not, go ahead, they’re good), you know the outcome, so why am I writing tonight? 

Tonight, Mike had the nurse call me at 9:00 p.m. to make sure I knew he was in a regular room and had skipped ICU. I knew this because Cedar’s is a well oiled machine. I’ve been called every step of the way. (They even knew we had an 8 year old daughter that wouldn’t be allowed in the Recovery Room when I went back, so they had an extra nurse on standby to be with her while I saw him–they didn’t know we had extra help here). 

I asked him if he’d like me to run his glasses and some extra comfy clothes to him tonight since he was doing so well. He said yes, and I asked if I could sneak Ellie in. That was hard for him to ask. His daughter is the most precious thing to him! He struggled to get the words out, there were tears (perhaps a future in Hollywood? He said he might as well lay it on thick since he was here!😜). The charge nurse asked if she was tall, to which he replied very. They have to be 12 to be allowed in the rooms, especially after 9pm. So, off we went. My baby was gonna see her daddy. Two peas in a pod. I was in tears just thinking of them being together! 

Mike’s anesthesia had mostly worn off so once I was there he asked again about surgery and Dr Chu’s report, to which I told him. He said “wow, all good news? I can’t hardly believe it!” And that’s when it hit me… “yes, Mike believe it. You are a miracle! The world has been praying for this very moment. God IS with us. He was delivering good news on His terms. He made sure all the glory went to Him. Yes, Cedar’s is the best, but God showed you to Dr. Black 16 years ago and perhaps today is why. He gains all the glory forever and ever! AND better yet, thousands of people, most of whom we’ve never met, just witnessed a touch of God’s glory through your story!” Now that is a happy ending! 

He may have been given his computer a bit to early! I received this text at 11pm the day of surgery!!

My family. My life!

~ by MichaelMoyles on December 14, 2016.

5 Responses to “God is Good! ”

  1. I’m just so thrilled for you guys! In a regular room…….WOW! My Mom, your Aunt Dottielueb@gmail.com, oil now on Facebook so she can see all the posts. I also gave her the link to your blog. Your Dad, Mom’s brother, has been keeping her up to date also! Looks like it’s going to be a fast recovery! Much love to you all, Chris

  2. Awesome news. God truly is great! Rest up and we will see you soon back at your desk.

  3. God is amazing!
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  4. Praise God! Been praying for you Mike! Good is goo!

  5. Amen, sister. You said it!

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