Round Seven

Even championship bouts are only five rounds!  Geez…

So if you haven’t been following closely, it’s been quite an adventure recently. After five doctors — including two neurosurgeons and an infectious disease specialist — the consensus is that the hardware holding my prosthetic in place is infected with colonized bacteria. The only way to remove the infection is to remove the hardware, so I’m headed back, today, for surgery #7. 

The adjusted plan is now to remove the prosthetic and all hardware, wait a few weeks, start chemo, do about a year of chemo, then wait a few months, then go back in and rebuild the skull. Again. I’m actually excited about the plan, and literally cannot wait to get this surgery done. The infection has made me so miserable — headache, burning, itching, fever, swelling, the works — that I’m anxious to get the infection out so that I can start healing normally and start treating the actual cancer. 

Surgery is scheduled for 2:00 today, February 27th, at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. It should take about two hours, and I’ll be here at least overnight. The good news is that I think surgery #7 is the one where I get the free set of steak knives…or maybe the gold watch. Can’t wait to see which!

~ by MichaelMoyles on February 27, 2017.

6 Responses to “Round Seven”

  1. So…are you going to be wearing a hard hat or something? I thought the prosthetic was covering a fairly large region of the brain.

  2. Mike, we are praying for you and your surgeons today. We prayed for the complete eradication of infection, for the precision of the surgeons and the successful outcome we are all hoping and trusting God to provide.

  3. How many different ways can you say “amazing.” Can’t believe it. No words.
    Praying you through all of it.

  4. Oh my gosh Mike!-we are praying anew for you all (actually we never stopped) with new prayers beamed at your forehead, and interior parts of course. Love you three heaps! ❤❤️❤❤❤Tom and Terri Sent from my iPhone


  5. We pray and Agree for Your Total Healing Lord! Amen! We pray Peace as you journey. And Blessings beyond measure. Amen and Amen! Known to Kristi,James, Mike Moore and Barb. In His Love . Judy Buser

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