I’m Michael Moyles — the leader of the Fighting Through Fitness effort and the co-founder of its predecessor, Team Michael Moyles.  I am an Air Force officer, husband, father, and three-time brain cancer survivor.  I’ve also run many, many marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, and other events, and have done my fair share of motivational speaking.  You can read the long version of my story here.

I’m passionate about many things, but more than anything I’m passionate about the three pillars of my life — faith, family, and fitness.  First and foremost, I am a devout Christian, and both Team Michael Moyles and Fighting Through Fitness operate with the utmost in personal and financial integrity.  Second, my family is my world.  I do nothing without my beautiful wife and daughter, and they are critical components of this endeavor.  They’ve sat at my bedside through countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, they’ve waiting hours in the rain, cold, or dark for me to finish races, and they’ve endured travels all over the country to watch me race or speak.  Christ is the cornerstone, but they are the foundation.  Finally, fitness — I am alive today because I chose to put myself in the best possible shape to fight.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — my primary weapon against cancer has been fitness, and I’ve fought successfully for almost 13 years now.  And I’ll keep fighting as long as it takes.

Got a question?  Want me to speak at your church, business, race, organization, retreat, or other?  Let me know!  E-mail any time at michaelmoyles@hotmail.com.


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  1. Hi there Michael,
    I have a quick question about your blog! Please email me when you get a chance.

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